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When the ball mill is working, it relies on the impact and grinding action of the medium on the material to complete the grinding of the material. In the mechanical process of the medium’s crushing of the material, the medium is used as the energy medium to convert the external energy into the crushing work of the material. And play a role in crushing the material.

Metal grinding media ball

Since the 1980s, chromium alloy cast iron grinding balls, multi-element low alloy cast iron grinding balls, various medium and high carbon low alloy waste heat quenched steel balls, bainite air-cold forging and rolling steel grinding balls, and multiphase matrix ductile iron grinding balls have been successively developed.

Non-metal grinding media ball

  • Natural ball stone grinding media

The natural ball stone grinding media mainly refers to natural materials such as silica, sea pebbles and pebbles. In recent years, with the increasing depletion of high-grade natural ball stone and the rapid development of the ceramic industry, natural ball stone grinding media has been basically replaced by artificial grinding media.

  • SiOgrinding media ball

There are two types of SiO2 grinding balls: natural agate balls and glass balls made of quartz. Natural agate grinding balls are expensive and difficult to use in the ceramic production industry. They are only used in experiments and some special industries, and the amount is very small. The quartz glass balls used for grinding have low density, high abrasion, low grinding efficiency, and fragile. Except for the grinding of quartz powder and some special powders, no quartz glass is used for the grinding of other ceramic powders. Grind the ball.

  • AI2Ogrinding media ball

AI2O3 grinding media ball is a ceramic ball with AI2O3 as the main component, also called AI2O3 ceramic ball. Because AI2O3 ceramic has excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, etc., AI2O3 ceramic balls are widely used in the raw materials of white cement, mineral processing, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, and coatings, paints and other industries. Grinding processing is a high-quality grinding medium.

  • ZrSiOgrinding media ball

ZrSiO4 grinding media balls are ZrSiO4 ceramic balls prepared with ZrSiO4 as the main raw material, and the mass fraction of ZrO2 is about 65% to 68% or lower. ZrSiO4 ceramic balls are mainly used for ultrafine grinding of ZrSiO4 raw materials, which can increase the content of ZrSiO4, but due to high abrasion and low strength, they lack a good market prospect. It is replaced by ZrO2 grinding media with better performance.

  • ZrOgrinding media ball

ZrOgrinding media ball refers to the ZrOceramic ball with stabilizer added and the ZrOcontent reaches more than 90%. ZrOceramic ball has the following advantages and characteristics: it has a higher density and its impact force is large, so it has a higher grinding efficiency. Product contamination can be avoided. AI2O3, SiO2 and metal grinding media will contaminate the product, while ZrO2 is chemically inert to the dispersant. The surface is smooth and hard, it has excellent roundness and reasonable size distribution, and the wear of the medium itself and the grinding lining is very small during the grinding process. Has high fracture toughness, high strength, wear resistance and chipping resistance. It is suitable for wet grinding, dispersion of high-viscosity mud and running under high-speed operating conditions. Reduce the required grinding time, have higher production efficiency and lower production costs.

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